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Welcome! Thank you for coming by. We are passionate about helping you clean up your life. Literally! We will walk you through removing the chemicals from your home, habits, and body care. Some might call us crunchy, some might look at us with a blank stare when we talk about these things and that’s okay. We love it and hope they keep an open mind and hear us out.

We have a dream to show that simple, easy changes to lifestyle, home and self care will create a cleaner-living environment. As social, striving creatures, we are all out in the world working hard, hustling, bustling kids around and so much more. Giving our bodies and our families and homes the best resources and treatment so we can be our very best isn’t so much to ask. We have control over what we bring into our homes and place on our bodies and it’s not as hard as you might think to clean up your lifestyle.

So why wait? We hope you’ll go ahead and join the conversation, share your concerns, ask questions and watch us grow. While we may not have the answer you’re searching for (we might!) we definitely have resources to find them.

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