Labels, Labels, Labels

You may have noticed from our photos that we do not have a label yet! Roxanne’s background in interior design is a lifesaver in this department. It would take me months to figure out how to create labels and even get them printed straight on the stickers! I’m sure many of you can relate. While we didn’t want our label to stop us from moving forward, it is extremely important to match it to “who we are”.

tablerock creek labels

The first label was great! I loved it! It felt clean, simple, yet “official”. Roxanne and I really didn’t even discuss changing it. Then Roxanne’s sweet friend, Lisa Gilardi, shared some artwork she had recently been working on. When she showed it to me, that was it! It was just the pop of color we needed to reflect our style to the world. Lisa has graciously agreed to collaborating on Tablerock Creek’s labels! We are so grateful and feel that God must have had a hand in bringing us together at the perfect time.

We can’t wait for you to see them, but for now we’re going to refrain from sharing them. This is very difficult for to do because they are fabulous, but patience is a virtue! For now, if you want to see what labeling and packaging can do for a company go check out our friends, the Surprise Girls! They have perfected this to a T. We love their company and mission that “the happiest people in life are the givers, not the getters!”

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