Why Roller Bottles?

True story: When I truly fell in love with essential oils this is what it looked like around my house. Random containers all over.

Tablerock Creek Reasons to use roller bottles

Eventually, I would forget which oils were in which cup and I would have to whip up a new batch of whatever it was that I needed. Roxanne experienced the same scenario. We knew there had to be a better and easier method. That’s when we started making our own roller bottles. They are fabulous! You can keep them in your purse, even your wallet. I always have one or two with me depending on the occasion and my own personal needs. They are a staple in my bathroom cabinet, medicine cabinet and bedside. I can’t go without using several different roller bottles everyday!

We are starting out with several different roller bottles for you to try. A few must haves such as: Rest, Rise and Heal. These are perfect for getting to sleep, waking up and bug bites, scrapes and scratches. We use these every, single, day. If you skip a few days you too will realize, β€œOh no, I forgot to put on my oils.” And that is why I’m having trouble with x, y and/or z.

You will be able to find our immunity blend, Protect, in our fall basket which will also include: fall scented foaming hand soap, all-purpose cleaner and a bottle of our natural hand sanitizer. This is a great starter kit touching on all of our products.

Finally, we have a few other blends that we like to use. Steady Heart is our blend to create feelings of peace, Bright Mind helps us focus on getting things completed, Blessed Spirit is a true favorite of mine. It amplifies the feelings of joy already within each of us. My son woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, which is rare because he is always so happy. I asked him if he wanted a little happiness oil, which he did, he loves essential oils. Then we read the devotion of the day and he was back to his own happy self. I’m still amazed each time something like this happens. Inner Strength is another great roller to use when you need a boost of confidence. Even as an adult I have to deal with one person in my life who uses the tool of intimidation. I always apply Inner Strength regarding tasks that require any thought of this person. This and praying for them is what gets me through the fact that it even happens in the first place. Lastly, we have our grounding blend, Stability. Roxanne here, I use this blend a few different ways, if I am tired, overstimulated and feel pulled in too many directions, I will often use it as I would Bright Mind. Also similar to Steady Heart, Stability is calming and focusing and allows me to release when I feel overwhelmed with tasks (the mental load) and not emotions.

tablerock creek essential oil roller bottles

For the Christmas season we are working on a limited supply of holiday blends. Merry, Glow and Bright will be available at our open house on Shop Small Saturday. They would be a great presents for gift exchanges orΒ  for moms who do not get stocking stuffers, you will need to buy yourself these, wrap them up and stuff your own stocking!

Ultimately the point of this post is to help you get started on your essential oil journey in a much easier and cleaner method than Roxanne and I started on ours! We can’t wait for you to try them and give us your feedback. We recommend keeping them in sight in the places you frequent often so that you remember to rub a little on the back of your wrists, neck, and behind your ears regularly. We can’t wait for you to experience a better life than you already have by adding these to your everyday routine!

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