Melaleuca, Also Known as Tea Tree

If there is a workhorse of oils, I would say it is Tea Tree or Melaleuca. Tea Tree is great for cleaning, air freshener, hand sanitizer and hand soap. Its antifungal and antimicrobial properties make it a gentle, but very effective oil for your first aid kit. The first documented uses of tea tree were in 1923 by Australian scientist Dr. A. R. Penfold. By the 40’s it was so valuable the producers and cutters were not forced to go in the military during World War II until there was enough tea tree to supply all personnel tea tree in their first aid kits. It is a medicinal smelling oil used for all things antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, decongestant, immune-boosting and healer of external wounds.

While creating our synergy blend, Heal, we could not leave out tea tree. It is irreplaceable for the healing of bacterial skin infections, parasitic skin infections, wounds, ulcerations, acne, abscesses, minor burns and scalds, diaper rash, fungal infections, athlete’s foot and warts including plantar warts. If you have children, are accident-prone, work outside a lot or use triple antibiotic ointment regularly you can replace it with our Heal oil. It is very rare that we ever use anything but Heal in our house for every scrape, bug bite, scratch or pimple. While antibiotics have their place, (they saved my life,) the regular use of them can make them less effective when you may need them most.

Despite being fantastic for anything skin-related, tea tree is also wonderful to use for anything cold-related, as it stimulates the immune system, helps loosen and remove mucus, and can stimulate heavy sweating to reduce fevers. Some common ailments tea tree benefits are: respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngitis and bronchitis. It works great in the diffuser so your lungs can directly receive the healing properties of tea tree. You can also use the Heal roller across your cheekbones and chest to distribute the healing benefits through your bloodstream. This oil is safe to use for anyone 3 months old and up. Of course you always need to dilute any essential oil more with babies and children.

Nobody likes to talk about lice, but if you have kids in school you know that you have to talk about it! Keep these nasty parasites away by adding a few drops of tea tree to your children’s shampoo. I even add it to my own because I am not taking any chances!

Tea tree, the work horse oil, should definitely have a place in every household. It is an extremely safe oil to use with children and adults alike. We use it every single day at our house and even as I write this I can think of a couple of new ways to use it now too!

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