Tablerock Creek Heal Synergy Blend


In the past I had no problem reaching for the triple antibiotic ointment out of the first aid kit. I always had it readily available and used it regularly. Now, after lots of reading about the overuse of antibiotics and known carcinogen, petrolatum, in cosmetics and products like Neosporin® and Aquaphor®, I reach for our roller bottle Heal. It contains lavender, tea tree and fractionated coconut oil, all are antibacterial. While Lavender is also antiviral and tea tree is antifungal. Why our “normal” has gotten so far away from nature’s cures is a whole different story, but it has and we are on a mission to get back to the natural gifts God gave us.

At our house I don’t even have to tell the kids to get the Heal roller bottle. They can get it themselves and do this regularly. Any scratch, scrape, bruise, sting, pimple, rash, minor burn, or any other skin ailment is a reason to use Heal. A couple days of use and whatever was troubling them seems to be long forgotten. Sometimes my son would rather roll it on a Band-Aid first rather than directly on his skin and that works great as well.


Another terrific use for Heal is anything cold or respiratory related. The roller bottle can be applied directly on the throat or chest and rubbed in to help loosen mucous by relaxing the bronchiole passageways and aids the body in fighting anything viral or bacterial. We can also provide the Heal blend in a 5ml bottle to use in the diffuser for illnesses related to the respiratory system.

Right now I’m experimenting with Heal at night on my cuticles. My aunt recently cut her thumb pretty badly and noticed not only how fast her cut healed, but the cuticle on her thumb looked the healthiest out of all her others. I told her that I would need to try this as well, because even though I love to be pampered with manicures and pedicures I just can’t justify spending the time or money on them right now!


If you are interested in getting back to nature to cure your family’s ailments and ditch those petroleum-based products this is a simple solution. You can read about known carcinogens found in American products here , while these same products are banned in the European Union, Canada, China and other countries around the world! We can’t help but be excited to see other families ban the chemicals from their homes and would love to help you get started.

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