Elderberry, Use It to Fight the Flu!

I’m sure during this intense flu season you’ve heard all the hype about Elderberry, Sambucus, Sambucol or maybe it was even called Black Elder. I know in our town people have been scrambling to buy it when someone they love has been diagnosed with the flu and they are having a hard time finding it. I get mine delivered by Amazon every month because we take it every day for preventative measures. But it is pretty simple to make and much cheaper too!

First, in case you are new to Elderberry here is some evidence that might sway you to jump on board the tried-and-true method of using Elderberry to fight the flu. Elderberry has been in known use since 400 BC by Hippocrates. From the 19th century all the way back to the Middle Ages Americans and Europeans used this berry for multiple ailments including a treatment for the flu. When modern medicine became prevalent Elderberry was somewhat lost as a way to treat the flu, but in the 90s researchers in Israel began experimenting and quickly realized the berries can stop the flu virus from replicating inside the body. They used it in 1993 when a major flu outbreak happened. The group they gave the Elderberry to recovered from the flu in three days and the others not taking Elderberry took six days to be symptom-free.

Another study was done during 1999 to 2000 in Norway. Sixty people were either given Elderberry or a placebo. The Elderberry group were well an average of four days more quickly than the placebo group. In 2007 scientists had excellent results giving Elderberry to adults and children who recovered within an average of two days, unlike the control group who were finally recovering after six days. Scientists believe the Elderberry doesn’t actually kill the virus, but boosts your own immunity so the body can fight it. I personally have used elderberry to combat the flu when my son had it. He only had fever for two days and I believe I can attribute that to the intense Elderberry treatment. My husband, who did not take the elderberry, had fever for five days and could barely move for about seven.

When you see the cost of store-bought Sambuca (Elderberry syrup), one of your first thoughts might be, can I make this myself? Yes! and it is so simple. Go here to read all about how we do it.


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