Geranium, Not Just a Patio Flower

When I think of geraniums I picture steamy Oklahoma summers outside at my parents house. My mom always plants red geraniums in white pots and lines her front porch with them. It brings a smile to my face, eases tension I may have and brings a calmness to me only a hot and humid Oklahoma summer day at “home” can do.

Until I found geranium essential oil. It brings all the same feelings and it’s also so much more. I was first introduced to geranium in a Synergy blend. Geranium was one of the most prominent oils in this blend and I fell in love with it. This specific blend was marketed for children’s tension, but I was using it to wind down at night and it was wonderful. Since then I have learned how beneficial this oil is for anything hormone-related. Geranium is also excellent for many things: PMS, stress-related conditions, depression, regulates menopause hormones, nervous tension and is calming in an emotional crisis. This essential oil is so gentle it can be used diluted on babies 3 months old and up and we’ve used it in our baby Blessed Spirit blend to help ease tension and bring feelings of happiness to all the babies.

We use it in our Steady Heart blend for the calming properties, in our Blessed Spirit blend for an ability to lighten your mood and in our Cooling for Women roller for the traditional use of balancing hormones.

Like lavender, geranium is also excellent when needing a remedy for skin related issues. Being an antiseptic it can be used for quick healing of cuts and wounds. It is also beneficial in treating acne, bruises, minor burns, scalds and ringworm. Some other ways you can implement geranium in your chemical-free home is by using it as an insecticide. It is a deterrent for dust mites, termites and some beetles. When you flip your mattress try spraying with diluted geranium and letting air-dry for added freshness and of course the protective measures from crawling critters it will serve.

Lastly, geranium is also known to ease pain so it is an excellent oil to gargle with when you have a sore throat or dealing with tonsillitis. Just be sure to spit out what you gargle because geranium should not be ingested. Also, test for sensitivity before gargling because it has been known to cause contact dermatitis in some individuals, or tingling in the lips.

And while I’ve never personally been fond of heavy floral scents, but I love the floral scent of geranium. It is the perfect oil to bring a calmness and terrific tension reliever after a long, tiring day. I was glad to have come across this versatile, yet gentle oil to use in our chemical-free home.

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