If you were stranded on an island and could pick one essential oil, frankincense would be an excellent choice. Historically used for thousands of years in rituals, meditation and to clear negative energy in incense form, frankincense as an essential oil has many other uses as well.

Gentle enough for babies 7 months+ as well as the elderly, frankincense is a fantastic choice for any respiratory issue. Dilute in a carrier oil and massage onto the chest to relieve coughing, bronchitis, reduce congestion, mucous and inflammation. It is also used for its calmative properties during asthma attacks as well as to slow the breath down. While dealing with any respiratory issue you can safely reach for a frankincense blend to alleviate symptoms without any side effects from OTC meds.

Frankincense is also terrific at healing the skin. Applying frankincense to wounds and scars promotes quicker healing and less scarring. It can be used on oily skin to help balance it and to an anti-aging mixture to reduce wrinkles and regenerate aging skin. It combines nicely with lavender and helichrysum to create a synergy blend for skin vitality.

The digestive system can also benefit from using frankincense if a person has issues with this area. And women can use it to regulate their menstrual cycle and alleviate cramping. Mixing with a carrier oil and rubbing directly on the abdomen would be the best way to apply frankincense for these ailments.

In our crazy busy fast paced world frankincense is an excellent choice to help stay grounded. While historically they burned it, today we can use the essential oil to slow down, reduce stress, calm the nervous system and allow ourselves to be “present” in life, not just going through the motions. You can find frankincense in our Stability blend combined with Ho Wood, Lavender, Clary Sage, Marjoram and Ylang Ylang, which is quickly becoming a favorite for many.

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