Lemon, (citrus limon)


Lemon essential oil is rather versatile and has many uses, some which may surprise you! My favorite uses for lemon are early in the morning in warm water with a pinch of cayenne pepper, advice from Food Babe herself. This is a great way to get your metabolism and digestive system going before the day even starts. Lemon is also energizing,  so it could help you kick that caffeine addiction. I also use it as a solvent to remove stubborn stickers from glass jars and it is in a favorite roller of ours, Bright Mind, which is excellent for getting lots of creative work accomplished.

A less commonly known use for lemon is its anti-infectious and anti-microbial properties. You can find lemon EO hidden in almost all immune boosting blends because it is excellent at fighting bronchial infections, flu, sore throats, even laryngitis. We included lemon in the following rollers for these properties: Breathe, Illness Warrior and Protect. Its anti-microbial and antiseptic properties benefit those bothered with acne, skin infections and abscesses. Just be careful when applying it to the skin. It can irritate some people and can be photosensitive if it is expressed and not distilled, so it is safest to not apply to the skin before sun exposure.


Lemon is an excellent EO to use in the diffuser and it speaks, SUMMER! It is very energizing and combats exhaustion, fatigue and tension. Despite being energizing, it is also calming and helps the mind to focus. This is why you will find it in our roller blends: Bright Mind, Inner Strength and Concentration/Memory.

Many people with digestive problems turn to lemon EO as well. Applied directly to the abdomen it can help alleviate stomach issues. Drinking warm lemon water in the morning can help get the day started off right as well. Adding lemon, whether it is fresh squeezed or EO to your daily routine, is an excellent habit to get into.


Lemon and its versatile benefits make it a must in your home and in your life! Buy those lemons at the store and drink the juice every morning! Use lemon EO in the diffuser to re-energize during the afternoon slump and to help the kids focus and get homework done. We’ve included lemon EO in our Spring Chill and Autumn diffuser blends that are excellent during the afternoon. And most importantly, roll on our Protect blend on your feet each night to boost that immune system and help your body fight infections before you even know you’ve been exposed!

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