Back To School Special!

We’ve got a wonderful deal for your student and their teacher right now!  Check out these specials in our online store. We have a new and improved recipe for our Inner Strength 10 ml roller (12+) and a brand new 2 oz. hand sanitizer recipe with lavender/tea tree in a spritzer instead of  a flip cap. All three items come in a cute jute drawstring bag. We only have a limited number available, so act quickly before they are all gone!


Student Special for ages 12+ includes two 10 ml rollers, Bright Mind and Inner Strength. Bright Mind is excellent to help you stay focused, alert and motivated! It’s a fabulous roller to use daily while at school or work. Inner Strength relieves tension associated with a new environment, challenging people and uncomfortable tasks, or situations. And we’ve included hand sanitizer with the new lavender/tea tree scent!


Teacher Special for ages 12+ includes two 10 ml rollers, Steady Heart and Blessed Spirit. Steady Heart is an excellent roller to use in stressful situations. It is truly amazing at helping you to take on anything and deal with any situation. Blessed Spirit does a wonderful job bringing out the happiness within and finding a positive in any situation. We’ve included the hand sanitizer in this special as well!


Student Special Ages 6+ includes two 10 ml rollers, Inner Strength and Blessed Spirit. Starting school can be nerve-wracking when you are young. Inner Strength gives any child the confidence to take on each day and Blessed Spirit helps them feel all the happy feelings even when things seem tough. They get their own bottle of hand sanitizer too!

All these specials come in a cute jute drawstring bag and are ready to pop in a backpack or hand to your teacher with a heartfelt note wishing them the best this year. If you haven’t tried our rollers yet, this is a fantastic time to get a couple at a great price! If you love essential oils keep spreading the word! We want to help everyone transform their medicine cabinet and help their families the natural way!

Be sure to use the code: LOCALPICKUP if you live near Tulsa, OK. We can meet and you can avoid shipping costs!

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