Get to know Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet orange (citrus sinensis) is an extremely versatile oil that is also safe for children ages 7 months+. We love how common it is in each season of the year to make multiple diffuser blends. The only frustration we have with this cheerful oil is that we’re always running out of it!

Some of the most popular benefits of Sweet Orange essential oil are qualities making it useful for assisting the body in times of: nervousness, tension, stress, depression and digestive complaints. It also can be used as an antiseptic to destroy microbes and bacteria as it is also anti-bacteria.

While most associate Sweet Orange as a pick-me-up, it is also calming and relaxing, especially for cranky children. Using it for skin, whether prone to oily or normal, it can help balance it out. Just remember, this essential oil should always be diluted before applying and can be phototoxic (photosensitive) in sunlight like many citrus oils.

To make using Sweet Orange convenient we’ve created a few blends diluted and ready to apply. Some include ready-to-go rollers such as Blessed Spirit, Inner Strength, Steady Heart, 3+ Blessed Spirit and 3+ Inner Strength. It is also in diffuser blends Autumn Fresh, Apple Cider and Spring Chill.
In our cleaning kit, we’ve included a blend of Sweet Orange + Lemon that can be used to replenish your floor cleaner, dishwasher rinse, all-purpose cleaner along with many uses you will think of for this classic, but beneficial blend.
For the Christmas season we’d like to share a few of our favorite diffuser recipes which feature Sweet Orange and can be enjoyed all through the season. The uplifting, joyous properties of this oil can only make your day brighter! We hope you find and share many uses for your go-to bottle of Sweet Orange. We know it’s a winner because we’re always running out and needing to replace it!

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