Winter Wellness Workshop – Where & What to Buy

Okay, so I know it feels like there was a ton of information in the Winter Wellness Workshop. But you probably also feel you’re more prepared than you thought because many of these things are in your pantry/kitchen already, or could be picked up so easily on your next grocery store trip.

Below I am going to link to the items we use and which we have had great results.

Garlic – Just regular, organic bulbs from the grocery store, but you can add them to Amazon order too, right here. Also, we use the granules all the time in cooking, they may not be quite as effective for sickness as the fresh, but certainly help the body when incorporated into diet.

GingerFresh, organic ginger. Simply Organic Ground ginger or Frontier ground GingerGinger Tea.

LemonsFresh, organic.

Honey – Preferrably from a bee keeper near you. If you’re in Oklahoma, this is nice: 1 quart or 1 pound.

EchinaceaYogi Tea, Frontier Dried Echinacea or Supplement.

Apple Cider Vinegar2-Pack or 3-Pack

Cayenne PepperFrontier 16 oz or Simply Organic 2.8 oz

TumericGround turmeric from India. Capsules from Foodbabe.

Himalayan SaltI love this for using in a grinder. We bought it already in a grinder at the grocery store and then just keep refilling ours with these bags. Trader Joe’s has this one.

Diatomaceous Earth – Be sure to purchase Food-Grade!

Elderberry SyrupThis one by Gaia is fantastic, but you pay for what you get. So here’s a recipe if you want to make your own. And we’ve used this one by Nature’s Way as well.

Probiotic Supplement – This is really a whole post for another day! Go here to get started.

Epsom Salt – Check the ingredients to be sure you’re purchasing pure epsom salt, magnesium sulfate without any other ingredients. Sometimes bath soaks may feature “epsom salt” prominently on the packaging.

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